The SGI staff is extremely well qualified and balanced to develop accurate drawings, graphics, specifications and cost spreadsheets in a short time period. The vast range of completed projects has allowed our staff to diversify and collaborate with many talented design professionals. We have had excellent results as a 'Team' member when working to design & permit golf course projects.

Craig Schreiner, ASGCA, ASLA has one of the most comprehensive backgrounds in the field of golf course architecture. Academics, technical training and experience are all balanced in the best way possible giving him a consummate spectrum of credentials. His skills and talent are amplified by his pure enthusiasm for all aspects of golf. His professional accomplishments elevate him to a selected status among design professionals nationally.

Craig's international study of ecology in over 20 countries during college, serves as the basis for environmentally receptive routing plans. Craig's goal is to augment native areas and unique topographic features into the Golfscape without compromising play. This approach reduces maintenance costs and refines the unique physiographic character of each layout. Furthermore, his ability to visualize and draw accurate grading plans and greens details affords him more time during construction site visits to focus on artistic refinements of golf features in the field. These detailed golf course plans lead to pragmatic, technical relationships with golf contractors. One recent project utilized GPS guided technology to rough grade a golf course, which was linked and downloaded from their grading plans.

Catherine MacKenzie Schreiner has been the office contact for the firm since 2002. Her Irish and Scottish heritage gives 'Katie' a genuine familiarity with golf's original landscapes & courses. Her warm personality is a perfect fit for all our daily communications. Although her talents are mostly linked to office procedures and protocol, she loves playing the game and appreciates beautiful golf courses. Her responsibilities include; billing, accounting, scheduling, travel reservations and office administration.