Since we have worked on many classic courses, we understand the importance of adequate record keeping and drawing archives. Being able to reference detailed information has been a big help when renovation work is implemented. At Schreiner Golf, Inc., we store all of our work electronically. Also, hardcopy of our work is secure, convenient and accessible at any time. All drawings are digitally stored and backed up each day as part of the typical office routine. Since we have long-term relationships with our clients, being able to store all information is essential to delivering a full-spectrum of professional services.

Schreiner Golf, Inc. is the home of his private Golf Research Library. It is a collection of over 3,000 volumes all relating to golf course architecture, club history, teaching, equipment, art and verse. The library continues to grow with new acquisitions each month.

Old plans and details of classic courses are a perfect source of reference when implementing improvements on older courses. Referencing original layouts can help to guide decisions regarding style of design and construction techniques.

Each master plan is electronically archived for security and convenience. They are all very accessible and we are able to transmit them anywhere in the world for further reproduction or use.

We are also able to scan and digitize older drawings for use in renovation and restoration work. Great Classic courses we have restored and renovated have appreciated our ability to electronically file and store their information for use during renovation projects.

The ability to store all of our drawings digitally makes safe storage both accessible and secure.