Computerization enables us to prepare 3-D "concept perspective sketches" and "fly-through" animation based on actual existing and proposed golf course grading.
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The latest GPS technology was utilized in the construction of the Grande Dunes Members Club in Myrtle Beach. The 'dozer's' position is seen here in real time on the site guided by Schreiner Golf's grading plan.

This D6-Caterpiller is directly linked to the Grading Plan generated by Schreiner Golf. The stereo receivers on each side of the blade operate to grade the golf course to within inches in the preliminary construction phase.

Installed Technology

Schreiner Golf, Inc. has pioneered the use of computer technology as a tool in design and preparation of golf course construction documents. The firm is recognized and respected by golf course contractors and permitting agencies for the accuracy, practicality, and completeness of working drawings.

Schreiner Golf employs sophisticated computer technology from a project's inception through design and plan document preparation. Digital terrain modeling capabilities allows thorough exploration of golf course routing scenarios that fit naturally with existing terrain, minimizing needless site disturbance and costly earthwork. Computerization also enables us to prepare 3-D "concept perspective sketches" and "fly-through" animation based on actual existing and proposed golf course grading. Effectively, decision-makers can view proposed golf course features they have difficulty interpreting from grading plans prior to construction.

Computerization allows efficient communication among project team members. Electronic exchange of project documents including topography surveys, working drawings and specifications allows real time problem solving and reduces project expenses.

Talented individuals, equipped with highly integrated technology tools, consistently produce the best design solutions. Integrating civil engineering with residential and commercial aspects of a project help to best fit the course to many different land uses.

Rough grading is rapidly and accurately guided by this powerful new technology. Golf course feature staking and most measurements are almost totally eliminated due to the comprehensive nature of the software that guides this process. The 'digital' grading plan actually directs the construction equipment in the field. The operator of the bulldozer simply adjusts the throttle to maximize the size of the load it is currently moving.

This cutting edge approach to golf course construction is fast, accurate and saves time and money. The end product has not been compromised; rather it has been completely enhanced. A.O. Hardee & Sons provided the equipment and key operators to implement this Nick Price, PGA and Schreiner Golf, Inc. design collaborative for the Burroughs & Chapin Company of Myrtle Beach, SC.

"The exciting aspect of this modern approach is the ease in which it is implemented. If you can conceive a golf hole via a grading concept, it can now be rapidly transformed onto any site. This leaves more time for 'field adjustments' and the freedom to exercise more artistic license."

- Craig Schreiner, ASGCA, ASLA

Keeping the costs of projects in-line is a tedious and challenging aspect of the business. Modern technology and the ability to use it to communicate with the design team is how Schreiner Golf, Inc. has continued to advance in this competitive field.