Schreiner Golf will begin the long awaited renovation of the Edgewood Valley Country Club in LaGrange, Illinois. The project began after we were selected to produce a Master Plan of Improvements to upgrade the classic course. Designed in the 20's by William Diddle, ASGCA, who was an apprentice of Perry Maxwell, Diddle crafted a unique layout which has remained relatively intact over many years.

The scope of the renovation work will mostly involve bunker and extensive drainage improvements. Fairway contouring will finish the job by framing all the adjustments made to the bunkers and relating to some new tees. The most impressive element is the re-establishment of the bunkers 'en echelon' on holes #1 and #18. These holes were modified many years back but done is a way that took away their classic strategic element. Restoring that heroic carry off the tee on both holes is a tremendous way to revitalize this great layout.

"I am so excited about returning to the original concepts that made the 'classic golden era' so successful. EVCC will now have a totally memorable beginning and finish to their great layout.

The original concept of the hole is being restored but with adjustments made for the advancement in equipment technology. The bunkers on the inside of the hole are being replaced and trees removed to allow this essential design improvement.

Work has begun in August of 2005 and will be finished in early spring 2006. Wadsworth Golf Construction, Inc., was selected to implement the work. The preliminary drainage mainlines were installed earlier this year to make headway on the aggressive construction schedule.